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If you want to…

  • Save Time
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Patient Care

Outsource a needed service to our professional team, and earn an administrative fee when patients enroll.

It’s like adding a full-time RN specialist to your staff —
with no payroll, no hassles, and you get paid to do it!

Risk-free for you: No buy-in, no fees,
just more revenue for your practice.

Up to half of the women you see as patients suffer with urinary incontinence (UI), pelvic organ prolapse (POP), or both. One in five U.S. women will have surgery for these conditions by age 80 — despite high rates of surgical failure, and complication rates up to one in six.

Kegel exercises are well known as a tool for conservative management of UI (stress, urge, and mixed UI), and evidence increasingly supports their use in therapy for POP.

But kegels usually fail.

Why? Most women don’t do kegels correctly
even if they’ve had professional instruction.

Research shows that there are two keys to kegel success:

• Comprehensive, detailed instruction, and

• Ongoing supervision.

A few minutes in your office  — even with followup — just isn’t enough to give women what they need.

What about referring patients to PT? Some patients do well, but others are dissatisfied with the inconvenience of PT visits and the often complex, time-consuming exercise prescription.

An Easy, New Solution:
Outsource Kegel Teaching
to Our Professional Staff

The Kegel Queen program is created, tested, and supervised by a pelvic health specialist registered nurse. The protocol is based on peer-reviewed scientific data.

Since 2009, more than 1,373 women around the world have participated, learning and practicing optimal kegel technique at home in just minutes a day.

This group health coaching program is delivered online, in print, and over the phone, with the reinforcement of social media.

3 Easy Steps:

1. During office visits you determine which patients are good candidates for the Kegel Queen program.

2. Your staff enrolls the patient in the Kegel Queen Program.
Your practice has the option to earn a legally compliant administrative processing and handling fee.

3. Your patients will love the convenience, and the results.

And they’ll love you because of it.

When I went for my checkup, my doctor said that both my prolapses (cystocele and rectocele) were TINY and to keep up with whatever I was doing because it was working. I can’t tell you just how happy I felt!

Chris, United Kingdom
  • Save Time

    • No in-office kegel teaching
    • Outsourced kegel instruction includes ongoing patient support
    • Your patients’ questions answered professionally by our team

  • Increase Revenue

    • Administrative processing and handling fee
    earned by your office when patients enroll

    • Risk-free for you: No buy-in, no fees

    • Fully Compliant with Federal & State Law

  • Provide Better Patient Care

    • Hours of instruction and months of support:
    far more than what’s possible in an office visit

    • Comprehensive teaching and followup
    increase success with kegels

    • Women love the convenience with no PT visits

    • Patients get relief without surgery

  • About the Kegel Queen Program

    • Complete home kegel exercise program
    with ongoing professional support

    • Created, tested, and supervised by an
    RN kegel specialist

    • Based on modern scientific research:
    information you can trust

    • Since 2009, over 1,373 participants in
    19 countries around the world

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